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How to Login to Contrail Command

Contrail Command is a single pane-of-glass GUI that configures and monitors Contrail Networking. You can login to Contrail Command using these instructions.

To login to Contrail Command:

Before you begin:

  1. Open a web browser and enter https://<Contrail-Command-Server-IP-Address>:<port-number> as the URL.

    The default port number is 9091 in most environments. The port number can be reset using the address: field in the server: hierarchy within the command_servers.yml file.

    The Contrail Command home screen appears.

  2. Select your Contrail cluster from the Select Cluster drop-down menu. Leave this field blank if you are logging into Contrail Command to create a cluster.

    Your cluster is presented within the drop-down menu in the <cluster-name>-<string> format. Your cluster-name was defined during the cluster creation process and the string is a randomly-generated character string.

    In Figure 1, the cluster-name is clstr1.

    Figure 1: Contrail Command Login Homepage—Select ClusterContrail Command Login Homepage—Select Cluster
  3. Enter the username and password credentials in the Username and Password fields. The username and password credentials are set in the command_servers.yml file during the Contrail Command installation. See How to Install Contrail Command and Provision Your Contrail Cluster.

    For security purposes, we strongly recommend creating unique username and password combinations in your environment. If you didn’t change your password in the command_servers.yml file, however, the default username to access Contrail Command in most deployments is admin and the password is contrail123.

  4. Enter the domain name of the cluster in the Domain field.

    You can often leave this field blank. Contrail Command logs into the default_domain—the default domain for all orchestration platforms supported by Contrail Command except Canonical Openstack—when the Domain field is empty.

    You may have to enter a domain in the following use cases:

    • Canonical Openstack orchestration. If you are logging into a cluster that includes Canonical Openstack as it’s orchestration platform, you can enter admin_domain—the default domain name for Canonical Openstack—in the Domain field if your default domain name was not manually changed.

    • You have manually changed the domain name in your cloud network’s orchestration platform. You can enter the personalized domain name of your cloud network’s orchestration platform in the Domain field if you’ve changed the default domain name.

    Figure 2: Contrail Command Login Page ExampleContrail Command Login Page Example
  5. Press the Log in button to enter Contrail Command.