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Creating Port Profiles, Storm Control Profiles, sFlow Profiles, or Telemetry Profiles by Cloning

Starting from Contrail Networking Release 2003, you can create a new port profile, storm control profile, sFlow profile, or a telemetry profile by cloning an existing one. You can modify the parameters in the cloned profile and save it. Cloning helps you quickly create a profile, without going through the process of defining each and every parameter. You can choose to modify those parameters that need to be modified.


You cannot clone the default entities or profiles. However, you can create clones of an entity or a profile that you created earlier.

This topic shows how to clone a telemetry profile from Contrail command.

Follow these steps to clone a telemetry profile:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Fabrics and click the Telemetry Profiles tab. Follow the steps in Configuring Contrail Insights Flows by Assigning Telemetry and sFlow Profiles to Devices and create a telemetry profile.

    The newly created telemetry profile is displayed as highlighted in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Telemetry ProfileTelemetry Profile
  2. Click the clone icon as highlighted in Figure 2.
    Figure 2: Clone a ProfileClone a Profile

    You can see that the name of the existing profile is prefixed with Copy of as highlighted in Figure 3. You can rename the profile if required.

    Figure 3: Modify ParametersModify Parameters
  3. Modify the required parameters and click Create. The cloned profile is displayed as shown in Figure 4.
    Figure 4: Cloned ProfileCloned Profile