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Preparing for the Installation

In Contrail Release 5.1, nodes on which Contrail, AppFormix, or both are installed are referred to as targets. The host from which Ansible is run is referred to as the base host. A base host can also be a target, meaning you can install either Contrail, AppFormix, or both on a base host.

Preparing the Targets

Workflow for preparing the targets consists of the following steps:

  1. Image all the Contrail targets with CentOS 7.5 kernel 3.10.0-862.3.2.el7.x86_64.

  2. Install the necessary platform software on the targets on which AppFormix Controller or AppFormix Agent is going to be installed. See the instructions in Installing AppFormix for OpenStack.

Preparing the Base Host using Ansible Installer

Workflow for preparing the base host consists of the following steps:

  1. Install Ansible 2.4.2 on the base host. See “Set Up the Bare Host” in Installing Contrail with OpenStack and Kolla Ansible .

  2. Set-up the base host. See “Set Up the Base Host” in Installing Contrail with OpenStack and Kolla Ansible . This section includes information about creating the Ansible instances.yaml file.

  3. On the base host, create a single Ansible instances.yaml file that lists inventory for both Contrail and AppFormix deployments. An example of the single instances.yaml file is provided later in this section.

TCP/IP Port Conflicts Between Contrail and AppFormix

It is strongly recommended that AppFormix Controller and Contrail services be installed on separate target nodes. However, if AppFormix Controller and Contrail services are installed on the same target, the following configuration is required to resolve port conflicts.

The following AppFormix ports must be reconfigured in the AppFormix group-vars section of the instances.yaml file.

  • appformix_datamanager_port_http

  • appformix_datamanager_port_https

  • appformix_haproxy_datamanager_port_http

  • appformix_haproxy_datamanager_port_https

  • appformix_datamanager_port_http:8200

Plugins to Enable for Contrail and AppFormix Deployment

Enable the following plugins by including them in the AppFormix group-vars section of the instances.yaml file.

Configuring Contrail Monitoring in AppFormix

Connections to Contrail are configured by providing complete URLs by which to access the analytics and configuration API services.

  • contrail_cluster_name: Contrail_Clusterxxx

    A name by which the Contrail instance will be displayed in the Dashboard. If not specified, this variable has a default value of default_contrail_cluster.

  • contrail_analytics_url: http://analytics-api-node-ip-address:8081

    URL for the Contrail analytics API. The URL should only specify the protocol, address, and optionally port.

  • contrail_config_url: http://contrail-config-api-server-api-address:8082

    URL for the Contrail configuration API. The URL should only specify the protocol, address, and optionally port.


The IP address specified for contrail monitoring corresponds to one of the IPs listed in the Contrail roles for config and analytics. Typically, the first active IP address is selected.

Compute Monitoring: Listing IP Addresses to Monitor

The IP addresses to monitor can be added in the compute section of AppFormix in the instances.yaml file. A list of IP addresses with a vrouter role in the instances.yaml file.

Configuring Openstack_Controller Hosts for AppFormix

The Openstack_controller hosts section must be configured with at least one host. An example section is shown.

Other AppFormix group_vars That Must be Enabled in instances.yaml

The following group_vars must be enabled in instances.yaml:

  • openstack_platform_enabled: true

  • appformix_remote_host_monitoring_enabled: true

AppFormix License

You must have an appropriate license that supports the combined deployment of Contrail with AppFormix for OpenStack. To obtain a license, send an email to “ Also, the following group_vars in the instances.yaml file must point to this license.

  • appformix_license: /path/appformix-contrail-license-file.sig

    This is the path where the license is placed on the bare host so that the license can be deployed on the target.