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Custom SNMP Plug-Ins

Contrail Insights can monitor SNMP metrics of network devices in your data center. Contrail Insights includes several supported SNMP plug-ins shipped with the product including ifTable, ifXTable, and TCP plug-ins for network devices for all vendors and three more plug-ins for Juniper devices. In addition to the Contrail Insights built-in SNMP plug-ins, Contrail Insights allows you to create your own custom SNMP plug-ins. The custom SNMP plug-ins allow you to define the SNMP MIBs and metrics that you want to monitor. The only thing you need is to define a configuration file for the SNMP MIB you want to monitor.


Confirm that you installed the related MIBs on the appformix_network_agent nodes before you generate the plug-ins.

Sample Custom SNMP Plug-In Configuration File

The sample configuration file is listed. You can also find this sample file in the Contrail Insights release bundle

Table 1 describes the fields.

Table 1: SNMP Plug-In Configuration File Field Descriptions




The OID of SNMP MIB you want to monitor.


The metrics in this MIB are metrics that you want to monitor. The key needs to match the key received from the SNMP command.


There are three types of SNMP plug-ins:


Refers to tabular MIBs which define multiple related object instances grouped in MIB tables. For example, ifTable defined the metrics for a list of interfaces on this device.


Refers to singular MIBs which define a single object instance. For example, (OID for sysServices). You can specify by OID and name it.


Refers to the case where there is not a field to determine the tag for each entry in tabular MIBs. Instead, the sample SNMP output of these MIBs are metric_name .x.x.x.x = value where x.x.x.x is the tag name. For instance, OID (OID for CISCO-RTTMON-MIB).


This field is required for tabular (plugin_type=snmp_network_device) MIBs to determine the tag for each entry of the SNMP output. This field is not needed for singular (plugin_type=device_info) MIBs .


Must be set to “appformix_network_agents”.


(Optional) This field is the prefix of the metrics shown in the Contrail Insights Dashboard. For example, for OID IF-MIB::ifTable, the prefix could be interface.


Prior to release 2.16, this field was called CalculationType. This denotes how Contrail Insights calculates this metric (rate/value).


A list of strings that indicates what this MIBs data represents. If it reports interface data, ENTITY_TYPE=['interface'].

Configure Custom SNMP Plug-Ins in Contrail Insights

After you create the configuration file for your custom SNMP plug-in, the next step is to post your plug-in to Contrail Insights. Copy your configuration file to your Contrail Insights Ansible directory and include the plug-in descriptor in the appformix_custom_snmp_plugins variable in group_vars/all. This variable must be initialized at the time of the Contrail Insights Platform installation. Save the configuration file as in your installation directory.

Then Contrail Insights will take your configuration file, generate the plug-in configuration JSON file and install this plug-in to Contrail Insights during the Contrail Insights Platform installation.

Install MIBs in Contrail Insights Agents from Ansible

When adding or enabling a new plug-in in Contrail Insights, you need to install the corresponding MIBs in your Contrail Insights Agents. The Contrail Insights Ansible script helps you install the MIBs in both appformix_controller nodes and Contrail Insights Agents.

Set the following variable in group_vars/all:

Add the needed MIB files (.txt) in a folder and Contrail Insights will install all the MIBs from that folder in your appformix_controller nodes and Contrail Insights Agents by copying those MIB files to the location set in the platform_mib_location variable. You can change this variable in group_vars/all. The default value is /usr/share/snmp/mibs/.