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New and Changed Features

The features listed in this section are new or changed as of Contrail Cloud Release 16.1.

Product Components

Red Hat Virtualization

Contrail Cloud 16.1 introduces RHV for the control plane virtualization. RHV is the fully supported Red Hat solution used for a compliant overcloud high availability (HA) and takes advantage of RHV capabilities for failover. RHV Manager is installed on the jump host as a virtual machine (VM).The RHV orchestration and management engine allows for better control of the hypervisor and virtual machines in your environment.

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Separation of the Contrail control plane from Triple-O

Contrail Cloud 16 deploys a kubernetes-based Contrail control plane, and the Kubernetes cluster is part of a standard Contrail Cloud 16 deployment. Deploying the Contrail control plane independently from Triple-O removes the Contrail control plane from the Triple-O lifecycle. This change adds flexibility to how Contrail Cloud is deployed and updated. Servicing RHOSP no longer needs to impact Contrail and updates to control plane no longer needs to adhere to the Triple-O lifecycle. Changes to a deployment will not have to be driven by the RHOSP Director (RHOSPd) and involve a full deployment refresh. This will result in less downtime and interruption to your environment. Contrail vRouter is still part of the Triple-O lifecycle.

Contrail Insights

Contrail Insights now supports deploying the platform as Podman containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8/CentOS 8. Some other notable highlights include:

  • Support for charting and alarms for NETCONF CLI commands. Several commands are available out of the box. Custom commands with their own parsers can be added by the user as well.
  • Optimized discovery from Contrail for a higher scale of resources using VPG objects instead of VMIs to discover physical connections between the BMS and network devices.
  • Support for domain name for network devices discovered from Contrail.
  • Python 3 is now used throughout Contrail Insights to better accommodate vendor monitoring architecture.

Although the product name changed from “AppFormix” to “Contrail Insights,” the internal command paths and file structure of Contrail Cloud continue to show AppFormix and will reflect the new name in a future release of Contrail Cloud.

Whole Disk Development

This is available as a feature configuration in the Contrail Cloud YAML deployment files. Whole disk support and configuration in Contrail Cloud gives you control over the partitioning of the whole disk. This grants the user the ability to configure and control the size of each file system partition.

For more information, see:

Contrail sosreport Plugin

The Contrail sosreport plugin is used to gather Contrail data while running the sosreport, and can gather such reports from compute nodes to collect vRouter information. Extended support and data collection points will be added in a future release of Contrail Cloud.

Red Hat Subscriptions

Contrail Cloud 16 uses Red Hat Simplified Content for subscriptions. This will reduce the number of keys needed for a deployment.

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