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Contrail Networking Release 2008


Release 2008

September 2020

Table of Contents

New and Changed Features
New and Changed Features in Contrail Networking Release 2008
Support for Fast Routing Convergence
Configurable XMPP Timeout
Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.4
Support for Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director 16.1
Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights Flows on Same Server
Enhanced Job Status Monitoring Ability
Support for Hitless Software Upgrade on MX Series Devices
Using MX Series Devices to Connect to Third-Party Network Devices
Redesigned VLAN-Assignment Ability During Virtual Port Group Creation
Viewing Packet Paths in Topology View
Port Profile Attributes and Parameters
VLAN Forwarding Disabled for DPDK vRouters Deployed on VLAN Interfaces
Analyzing Traffic Between vRouter and vRouter Agents Using Wireshark Plugin
Support for Viewing Details of a DPDK Enabled vRouter
Packet Latency Improvements in the vRouter
Support to Ignore Manual CLI Configuration Changes
Support for Clearing vif Statistics Counters
Contrail Tools Container
Support for DPDK Release 19.11
Sandump Tool
Deploying Contrail Command and Importing a Contrail Cluster Using Juju in a Kubernetes Environment
Enablement Changes to Optional Contrail Analytics Modules
Support for Modular Layer 2 Plug-in Connections for Fabric Management—Beta
OVA Package for Contrail Networking and Contrail Insights
Supported Platforms in Contrail Networking Release 2008
Known Behavior
Known Behavior in Contrail Networking Release 2008
Resolved Issues
Deprecated Issues
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Revision History