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Contrail Networking Release 2011


Release 2011

December 2020

Table of Contents

New and Changed Features
New and Changed Features in Contrail Networking Release 2011
Collapsed Spine Architecture
Optimization of IRB Interfaces Creation in ERB Devices
Support for Fabric Telemetry Alarms
Support for Layer 2 DCI Functionality
Support for Protocol-Based Telemetry Profiles
Support for EVPN Type-5 Routes in Logical Router
Support for Adding or Deleting Flow Collector Nodes in Contrail Command
Support for Intel DDP in vRouter for Fortville NICS
Support for Topology Discovery during Device Onboarding
Retaining the AS Path Attribute in a Service Chain
Integrating OpenStack with Contrail Networking Fabric by using Modular Layer 2 (ML2) Neutron Plug-in
Support for vRouter MAC Address - IP Address Bond Learning and BFD Health Check for Pods
Support for Superspine Role
Support for QFX5220-32CD and QFX5220-128C as Spine and Superspine Devices
Support for OpenStack Ussuri and Ubuntu Version 20.04
Support for Sandump Tool on Windows Machines
Support for agent_header.lua Wireshark Plugin in Windows OS Computers
Upgrade Contrail Networking using Red Hat Fast Forward Upgrade Procedure
Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.5
Support for KubeVirt in Kubernetes Environments
Support for Keystone Authentication in Kubernetes Environments Using Juju
Support for Installing Contrail Insights and Contrail Insights Flows on Juju Cluster
Support for Custom Names for Privileged Ports and VXLANs
Support for contrail-vrouter-utils package in the Contrail Tools Container
Support for Netronome SmartNIC vRouter for Juju Charms Deployment—Evaluation Purposes Only
Supported Platforms in Contrail Networking Release 2011
Known Behavior
Known Behavior in Contrail Networking Release 2011
Resolved Issues
Deprecated Issues
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Revision History