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Run the Pre-Upgrade Script

The pre-upgrade script prepares the jump host, undercloud, and overcloud nodes for the upgrade. The script installs the Leapp package which is used to upgrade RHEL7 to RHEL8, and organizes your SSL certificates into a new directory structure.
  1. As the contrail user, run the following script from the jump host:
    Do not make any configuration changes during the upgrade (such as enabling or disabling features, changing names, and so forth). Do not attempt to change resources or cluster properties as part of the upgrade process.

    Do not make any configuration changes to your overcloud-nics.yml file. Configuration changes to your overcloud-nics.yml file should be applied before the Migrate KVM to RHV section.

    The VM interface names in the overcloud-nics.yml file must use the emX interface naming.

  2. Update your configuration files for v16.2 as specified in the Configuration File Changes appendix.
    Additional NIC changes will need to be made, and focus in the areas below:
    1. Your VM interface naming in the overcloud-nics.yml file must not use ethX naming. This must be changed before starting the upgrade to Contrail Cloud 16.2.
    2. You must ensure that the VM interface naming in the overcloud-nics.yml file use emX naming structure. These interfaces include:
      • Controller_network_config
      • Contrail_network_config
      • AppformixController_network_config

      When defining interfaces:

      • Strictly define all interfaces, even interfaces you do not use.
      • Do not use DHCP, as shown in the example above.
      • You will update the interface naming in two steps: prior to the upgrade (now), and prior to Migrate KVM to RHV.

      Your change will look similar to the example below:

    3. If your environment contains sriov computes, verify if /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ensXnpY exists on these systems with sriov. If the file exists, this information should also be defined in the overcloud_nics.yml configuration file in the same way other unused interfaces are strictly defined. The example below defines an sriov interface:

      Ensure that all EC2Metadata routes are removed. See the example below for the section of configuration to be removed in the overcloud_nics.yml file: