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Configuration File Changes

This appendix describes the changes you need to make to your configuration files for the upgrade from Contrail Cloud v13.6 to Contrail Cloud v16.2.


The configuration files shown here only contain snippets of what's changed fromv13.6 to v16.2. For the complete configuration, see: Sample Configuration Files v16.2.

v13 to v16 Configuration File Changes

Make the following changes to your YAML configuration files during the Prepare for the Upgrade section of this guide.

  1. In your site.yml configuration file, copy and paste the upgrade_plan section. Change the configuration variables to match your specific deployment environment:

  2. In your control-host.yml file, configure the interfaces section with the following snippet. The configurations include updates to the interface type (ovs-bridges to standard interfaces) and interface network names (emX to enp(x+1)s0).

    Do not change the order of the interfaces.

  3. Strictly define all interfaces, even interfaces that you don't use, to not use DHCP as shown in this example. The config/overcloud-nics.yml interfaces must match the interface names provided in the config/control-hosts.yml vm_interfaces configuration.
  4. In your vault-data.yml file (using ansible-vault-edit). Add configuration changes which include the new RHVM configuration.
  5. In your site.yml configuration file, remove any unused VM definitions as shown in the example below.
  6. In your site.yml configuration file, add your new organization for Contrail Cloud 16:
  7. In your site.yml configuration file, Update your storage configuration to also include mount point for control-hosts storage volumes in Contrail Cloud 16:
  8. In your site.yml configuration file, apply all needed extra_configs for computes as per samples/features/extra-config/site.yml:
  9. Add the K8s configuration in your site.yml configuration file. For more information about configuring K8s, see the Contrail Cloud Deployment Guide for v16.