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Publishing a Custom Service Definition

You can use service definition in a service order only when it is in the published state. A customized service definition, by default, is in the unpublished state when created. You must publish the customized service definition before it can be used to create a service request.


By default, predefined service definitions are in the published state.

To publish a service definition:

  1. In the Connectivity Services Director application, select Service View from the Views selector.
  2. Click the Build tab on the Task Categories banner.
  3. From the Service View pane, select Network Services > Connectivity.
  4. From the Tasks pane, select Service Design > Manage Service Definitions.
  5. In the Manage Service Definitions page, select the unpublished customized service definition you want to publish.
  6. Click Publish.

    The Information window is dispayed.

  7. Click Yes in the Information window to publish the service definition.

    The Manage Service Definitions page reappears. The selected customized service definition is now in the published state.