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Getting Started Assistant Overview in Services Activation Director

The Getting Started assistant is a section in the sidebar that shows you how to perform common tasks. The tasks in the Getting Started assistant are workspace specific. The tasks displayed in this section vary according to the workspace. The Getting Started assistant provides instructions on how to perform tasks related to a device, service template, or a policy and filter template configuration.

The Getting Started topics are context- sensitive per application. Getting Started displays all the steps of a task. From a step in a task, you can jump to that point in the user interface to actually complete it. If Show Getting Started on Startup check box is selected, the Getting Started assistant automatically displays the tasks when you log in. If this check box was not selected, click the Help icon and click Getting Started from the resulting sidebar.

To use a Getting Started assistant:

  1. Select an application from the Applications list above the task tree.
  2. In the sidebar, expand Getting Started.

    A main Getting Started topic link appears on the sidebar.

    If the sidebar is not displayed, select the Help () icon at the right side of the Junos Space header. The sidebar appears.

  3. Select a main topic.

    For example, if you are in the Network Management Platform application user interface, click the Increase Space Capacity link. A list of required steps appears in the sidebar. Each step contains a task link and a link to Help.

  4. Perform a specific step by clicking the link.

    You jump to that point in the user interface. The assistant remains visible on the sidebar to aid navigation to subsequent tasks.

  5. Access help for a specific step by clicking the Help icon next to that step.