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Logging Out of Connectivity Services Director

After you finish using Connectivity Services Director, log out to prevent unauthorized access. You can log out manually or set an automatic logout period for Connectivity Services Director to automatically log you out.

Logging out manually—To log out of Connectivity Services Director manually, click the down arrow next to the username on the Connectivity Services Director banner and select Logout from the list.

Logging out automatically—Connectivity Services Director automatically logs you out if you have not performed any action on it, such as by using keystrokes or mouse-clicks, for a set period of time. This automatic logout conserves server resources and protects the system from unauthorized access. By default, automatic logout occurs if a session has been idle for 60 minutes. You can change the setting on the Applications inventory page. Select Administration > Applications > Network Management Platform > Modify Application Settings (from the Actions menu) > User.

Connectivity Services Director uses the same automatic logout period as Junos Space.

To change the automatic logout period:

  1. Click the System Platform icon on the Connectivity Services Director banner.

    The logout page appears.

  2. Click the Click here to log in again link on the logout page to log in to the system again.
  3. Navigate to Administration > Applications.

    The Applications page is displayed.

  4. Right-click Network Management Platform and select Modify Application Settings..

    The Modify Application Settings page appears.

  5. In the Modify Network Management Settings page, select User.

    The User page is displayed.

  6. In the Automatic logout after inactivity (minutes) field, move the slider to modify the automatic logout setting.

    The logout setting is modified.

  7. Click Modify to save the setting.

    You are returned to the Modify Applications page.