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Handling of Out-of-Band Notifications for Service Recovery

After a device goes into the Out Of Sync state, a notification is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the Connectivity Services Director GUI with the count of devices currently out of sync due to out-of-band notifications. The action to be taken when an out-of-band notification is received for the device can be defined using the Preferences page (which you can launch by clicking the down arrow beside the System button on the Connectivity Services Director banner and selecting Preferences).

The Service Activation tab of the Preferences page contains the following check box in the Deployments section for service recovery:

  • Block deployment on pending notifications—Select this check box to cause a validation to be performed to determine if any of the selected devices have pending out-of-band notification, before deploying a service order. If a pending out-of-band notification exists for a device, deployment is blocked with the following message:

    Cannot deploy service order, since pending notification exists for device(s) : <dev-1>, <dev-2>,<dev-3>