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Understanding Connectivity Services Director User Administration

Connectivity Services Director application uses the user administration features of Junos Space Network Management Platform to add, delete, and edit user accounts and roles. For more information on user administration, see Junos Space Network Application Platform User Guide.

When you install the Connectivity Services Director application, additional user administration options specific to the application are available in Junos Space. In addition to the Super Administrator role, the following predefined roles are also available to Connectivity Services Director users:

  • Device Manager role---allows an administrator to discover devices.

  • Service Manager role-–allows an administrator to perform device pre-staging actions including discovering and assigning device roles.

  • Service Designer role-–allows an administrator to create and publish a service definition.

  • Service Activator (less privileged) role---allows an administrator to perform provisioning tasks including creating and managing customers, service orders, and services.


You can create custom roles to grant users different access rights. Access is controlled at the task category level. If you grant a user access to a task category, the user has access to all tasks in that category.

Access to Connectivity Services Director system preferences is controlled by user access rights. For more information, see Setting Up User and System Preferences

If you try to log in to Connectivity Services Director by using an account that does not have access rights to any Connectivity Services Director task category, you are redirected to Junos Space instead.