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vRouter Session Analytics in Contrail Networking

Juniper® Networks supports the collection, storage, and query for vRouter traffic in environments using Cloud-Native Contrail Networking (CN2) Release 22.1 or later in a Kubernetes-orchestrated environment.

Collector Module

CN2 collects user visible entities (UVEs) and traffic information (session) for traffic analysis and troubleshooting. The collector module stores these objects and provides APIs to access the collected information.

The CN2 vRouter agent exports data records to the collector when events are created or deleted.

Collector Deployment

The following components are installed in the Contrail cluster in the contrail namespace (NS):

  • Collector Microservice—Collects incoming events.

  • InfluxDB—A time series database built specifically for storing time series data. Works with Grafana as a visualization tool for time series data.

  • Fluentd—Logging agent that performs log collection, parsing, and distribution to other services such asOpenSearch.

  • OpenSearch—OpenSearch is the search and analytics engine in the AWS OpenSearch Stack, providing real-time search and analytics for all types of data.

  • OpenSearch Dashboards—User interface that lets you visualize your OpenSearch data and navigate the OpenSearch Stack.

Data Collection

Figure 1 shows the data collection.

Figure 1: Cloud-Native Contrail Collector: Event and Log Ingestion Cloud-Native Contrail Collector: Event and Log Ingestion


UVEs are stored in OpenSearch in an index named by the name of the UVE.


Session records are stored in InfluxDB. These records are pushed as events from all agents. This data is downsampled for longer duration. Retention periods of live, downsampled table, and downsampling windows are configurable using the configuration.

Table 1: Session Records Information
Column Filterable Detail
vn Yes Client Virtual Network
vmi Yes Interface
remote_vn Yes Server Virtual Network
vrouter_ip Yes Agent IP
local_ip Yes Client IP
client_port Yes Client Port
remote_ip Yes Server IP
server_port Yes Server Port
protocol Yes Protocol
label.local.<label-name> Yes Client Pod Labels (for example, client pod with label site maps to tag in database).
label.remote.<label-name> Yes Server Pod Labels
forward_sampled_bytes No Bytes Sent
forward_sampled_pkts No Packets Sent
reverse_sampled_bytes No Bytes Received
reverse_sampled_pkts No Packets Received
total_bytes No Total Bytes Exchanged

Configure Data Collection

To configure vRouter agents to send SessionEndpoint messages to the fluentd service, run the following three commands. Replace <cluster-ip> with the cluster IP address of the fluentd service in the contrail-analytics namespace.

After running the three configuration commands, restart vRouter for the configuration to take effect.​ To restart vRouter, run the following command:

Collector Query

The collector modules provide a query interface for access.

Run a Query

Example Query

The following query gets total bytes exchanged between unique source-destination pairs (by labels) in the contrail-analytics namespace:

Example Query Response