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Install Contrail Tools

SUMMARY Learn how to install tools that can help your CN2 installation go more smoothly.

Contrail tools are implemented within the ContrailReadiness controller framework. The controller runs the tools and gathers and presents the results asynchronously on demand.

You'll need to set up the ContrailReadiness controller framework before you can run any tools. After the controller comes up, follow the procedure for the tool you would like to run.

  • preflight checks

  • postflight checks

  • CN2 uninstall

Install ContrailReadiness Controller in Release 23.1

Use this procedure to install the ContrailReadiness controller. The ContrailReadiness controller is required before you can run any tools.

You can install the ContrailReadiness controller before or after you install CN2. Installing the controller before you install CN2 allows you to run preflight checks on the cluster.

  1. Locate the contrail-tools/contrail-readiness directory from the downloaded CN2 Tools package.
  2. If you haven't already done so, ensure you've populated the tools manifests with your repository login credentials. See Configure Repository Credentials for one way to do this.
  3. Apply the ContrailReadiness custom resource definitions.
  4. Create the ConfigMap from the deployer manifest that you plan to use or have used to install this cluster. Name the ConfigMap deployer-yaml.
    where <path_to_deployer_manifest> is the full path to the deployer manifest that you want to apply or have applied.
  5. Patch the ConfigMap with the registry information.
  6. Create the ContrailReadiness controller.

    Check that the controller has come up.