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Cluster Node Metric List

Table 1: Cluster Node Metric List
Metric Name Type Description
node_arp_entries gauge ARP entries by device.
node_authorizer_graph_actions_duration_seconds histogram [ALPHA] Histogram of duration of graph actions in node authorizer.
node_boot_time_seconds gauge Node boot time, in Unix time.
node_context_switches_total counter Total number of context switches.
node_cooling_device_cur_state gauge Current throttle state of the cooling device.
node_cooling_device_max_state gauge Maximum throttle state of the cooling device.
node_cpu_guest_seconds_total counter Seconds the CPUs spent in guests (VMs) for each mode.
node_cpu_seconds_total counter Seconds the CPUs spent in each mode.
node_disk_info gauge info of /sys/block/<block_device>.
node_disk_io_now gauge The number of I/Os currently in progress.
node_disk_io_time_seconds_total counter Total seconds spent doing I/Os.
node_disk_io_time_weighted_seconds_total counter The weighted number of seconds spent doing I/Os.
node_disk_read_bytes_total counter The total number of bytes read successfully.
node_disk_read_time_seconds_total counter The total number of seconds spent by all reads.
node_disk_reads_completed_total counter The total number of reads completed successfully.
node_disk_reads_merged_total counter The total number of reads merged.
node_disk_write_time_seconds_total counter This is the total number of seconds spent by all writes.
node_disk_writes_completed_total counter The total number of writes completed successfully.
node_disk_writes_merged_total counter The number of writes merged.
node_disk_written_bytes_total counter The total number of bytes written successfully.
node_dmi_info gauge A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by bios_date, bios_release, bios_vendor, bios_version, board_asset_tag, board_name, board_serial, board_vendor, board_version, chassis_asset_tag, chassis_serial, chassis_vendor, chassis_version, product_family, product_name, product_serial, product_sku, product_uuid, product_version, system_vendor if provided by DMI.
node_entropy_available_bits gauge Bits of available entropy.
node_entropy_pool_size_bits gauge Bits of entropy pool.
node_exporter_build_info gauge A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by version, revision, branch, and goversion from which node_exporter was built.
node_filefd_allocated gauge File descriptor statistics: allocated.
node_filefd_maximum gauge File descriptor statistics: maximum.
node_filesystem_avail_bytes gauge Filesystem space available to non-root users in bytes.
node_filesystem_device_error gauge Whether an error occurred while getting statistics for the given device.
node_filesystem_files gauge Filesystem total file nodes.
node_filesystem_files_free gauge Filesystem total free file nodes.
node_filesystem_free_bytes gauge Filesystem free space in bytes.
node_filesystem_readonly gauge Filesystem read-only status.
node_filesystem_size_bytes gauge Filesystem size in bytes.
node_forks_total counter Total number of forks.
node_intr_total counter Total number of interrupts serviced.
node_ipvs_connections_total counter The total number of connections made.
node_ipvs_incoming_bytes_total counter The total amount of incoming data.
node_ipvs_incoming_packets_total counter The total number of incoming packets.
node_ipvs_outgoing_bytes_total counter The total amount of outgoing data.
node_ipvs_outgoing_packets_total counter The total number of outgoing packets.
node_load1 gauge 1m load average.
node_load15 gauge 15m load average.
node_load5 gauge 5m load average.
node_memory_Active_anon_bytes gauge Memory information field Active_anon_bytes.
node_memory_Active_bytes gauge Memory information field Active_bytes.
node_memory_Active_file_bytes gauge Memory information field Active_file_bytes.
node_memory_AnonHugePages_bytes gauge Memory information field AnonHugePages_bytes.
node_memory_AnonPages_bytes gauge Memory information field AnonPages_bytes.
node_memory_Bounce_bytes gauge Memory information field Bounce_bytes.
node_memory_Buffers_bytes gauge Memory information field Buffers_bytes.
node_memory_Cached_bytes gauge Memory information field Cached_bytes.
node_memory_CmaFree_bytes gauge Memory information field CmaFree_bytes.
node_memory_CmaTotal_bytes gauge Memory information field CmaTotal_bytes.
node_memory_CommitLimit_bytes gauge Memory information field CommitLimit_bytes.
node_memory_Committed_AS_bytes gauge Memory information field Committed_AS_bytes.
node_memory_DirectMap2M_bytes gauge Memory information field DirectMap2M_bytes.
node_memory_DirectMap4k_bytes gauge Memory information field DirectMap4k_bytes.
node_memory_Dirty_bytes gauge Memory information field Dirty_bytes.
node_memory_HardwareCorrupted_bytes gauge Memory information field HardwareCorrupted_bytes.
node_memory_HugePages_Free gauge Memory information field HugePages_Free.
node_memory_HugePages_Rsvd gauge Memory information field HugePages_Rsvd.
node_memory_HugePages_Surp gauge Memory information field HugePages_Surp.
node_memory_HugePages_Total gauge Memory information field HugePages_Total.
node_memory_Hugepagesize_bytes gauge Memory information field Hugepagesize_bytes.
node_memory_Inactive_anon_bytes gauge Memory information field Inactive_anon_bytes.
node_memory_Inactive_bytes gauge Memory information field Inactive_bytes.
node_memory_Inactive_file_bytes gauge Memory information field Inactive_file_bytes.
node_memory_KernelStack_bytes gauge Memory information field KernelStack_bytes.
node_memory_Mapped_bytes gauge Memory information field Mapped_bytes.
node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes gauge Memory information field MemAvailable_bytes.
node_memory_MemFree_bytes gauge Memory information field MemFree_bytes.
node_memory_MemTotal_bytes gauge Memory information field MemTotal_bytes.
node_memory_Mlocked_bytes gauge Memory information field Mlocked_bytes.
node_memory_NFS_Unstable_bytes gauge Memory information field NFS_Unstable_bytes.
node_memory_PageTables_bytes gauge Memory information field PageTables_bytes.
node_memory_SReclaimable_bytes gauge Memory information field SReclaimable_bytes.
node_memory_SUnreclaim_bytes gauge Memory information field SUnreclaim_bytes.
node_memory_ShmemHugePages_bytes gauge Memory information field ShmemHugePages_bytes.
node_memory_ShmemPmdMapped_bytes gauge Memory information field ShmemPmdMapped_bytes.
node_memory_Shmem_bytes gauge Memory information field Shmem_bytes.
node_memory_Slab_bytes gauge Memory information field Slab_bytes.
node_memory_SwapCached_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapCached_bytes.
node_memory_SwapFree_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapFree_bytes.
node_memory_SwapTotal_bytes gauge Memory information field SwapTotal_bytes.
node_memory_Unevictable_bytes gauge Memory information field Unevictable_bytes.
node_memory_VmallocChunk_bytes gauge Memory information field VmallocChunk_bytes.
node_memory_VmallocTotal_bytes gauge Memory information field VmallocTotal_bytes.
node_memory_VmallocUsed_bytes gauge Memory information field VmallocUsed_bytes.
node_memory_WritebackTmp_bytes gauge Memory information field WritebackTmp_bytes.
node_memory_Writeback_bytes gauge Memory information field Writeback_bytes.
node_netstat_Icmp6_InErrors counter Statistic Icmp6InErrors.
node_netstat_Icmp6_InMsgs counter Statistic Icmp6InMsgs.
node_netstat_Icmp6_OutMsgs counter Statistic Icmp6OutMsgs.
node_netstat_Icmp_InErrors counter Statistic IcmpInErrors.
node_netstat_Icmp_InMsgs counter Statistic IcmpInMsgs.
node_netstat_Icmp_OutMsgs counter Statistic IcmpOutMsgs.
node_netstat_Ip6_InOctets counter Statistic Ip6InOctets.
node_netstat_Ip6_OutOctets counter Statistic Ip6OutOctets.
node_netstat_IpExt_InOctets counter Statistic IpExtInOctets.
node_netstat_IpExt_OutOctets counter Statistic IpExtOutOctets.
node_netstat_Ip_Forwarding counter Statistic IpForwarding.
node_netstat_TcpExt_ListenDrops counter Statistic TcpExtListenDrops.
node_netstat_TcpExt_ListenOverflows counter Statistic TcpExtListenOverflows.
node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesFailed counter Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesFailed.
node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesRecv counter Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesRecv.
node_netstat_TcpExt_SyncookiesSent counter Statistic TcpExtSyncookiesSent.
node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPSynRetrans counter Statistic TcpExtTCPSynRetrans.
node_netstat_TcpExt_TCPTimeouts counter Statistic TcpExtTCPTimeouts.
node_netstat_Tcp_ActiveOpens counter Statistic TcpActiveOpens.
node_netstat_Tcp_CurrEstab counter Statistic TcpCurrEstab.
node_netstat_Tcp_InErrs counter Statistic TcpInErrs.
node_netstat_Tcp_InSegs counter Statistic TcpInSegs.
node_netstat_Tcp_OutRsts counter Statistic TcpOutRsts.
node_netstat_Tcp_OutSegs counter Statistic TcpOutSegs.
node_netstat_Tcp_PassiveOpens counter Statistic TcpPassiveOpens.
node_netstat_Tcp_RetransSegs counter Statistic TcpRetransSegs.
node_netstat_Udp6_InDatagrams counter Statistic Udp6InDatagrams.
node_netstat_Udp6_InErrors counter Statistic Udp6InErrors.
node_netstat_Udp6_NoPorts counter Statistic Udp6NoPorts.
node_netstat_Udp6_OutDatagrams counter Statistic Udp6OutDatagrams.
node_netstat_Udp6_RcvbufErrors counter Statistic Udp6RcvbufErrors.
node_netstat_Udp6_SndbufErrors counter Statistic Udp6SndbufErrors.
node_netstat_UdpLite6_InErrors counter Statistic UdpLite6InErrors.
node_netstat_UdpLite_InErrors counter Statistic UdpLiteInErrors.
node_netstat_Udp_InDatagrams counter Statistic UdpInDatagrams.
node_netstat_Udp_InErrors counter Statistic UdpInErrors.
node_netstat_Udp_NoPorts counter Statistic UdpNoPorts.
node_netstat_Udp_OutDatagrams counter Statistic UdpOutDatagrams.
node_netstat_Udp_RcvbufErrors counter Statistic UdpRcvbufErrors.
node_netstat_Udp_SndbufErrors counter Statistic UdpSndbufErrors.
node_network_address_assign_type gauge address_assign_type value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_carrier gauge carrier value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_carrier_changes_total counter carrier_changes_total value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_carrier_down_changes_total counter carrier_down_changes_total value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_carrier_up_changes_total counter carrier_up_changes_total value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_device_id gauge device_id value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_dormant gauge dormant value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_flags gauge flags value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_iface_id gauge iface_id value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_iface_link gauge iface_link value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_iface_link_mode gauge iface_link_mode value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_info gauge Non-numeric data from /sys/class/net/, value is always 1.
node_network_mtu_bytes gauge mtu_bytes value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_name_assign_type gauge name_assign_type value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_net_dev_group gauge net_dev_group value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_protocol_type gauge protocol_type value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_receive_bytes_total counter Network device statistic receive_bytes.
node_network_receive_compressed_total counter Network device statistic receive_compressed.
node_network_receive_drop_total counter Network device statistic receive_drop.
node_network_receive_errs_total counter Network device statistic receive_errs.
node_network_receive_fifo_total counter Network device statistic receive_fifo.
node_network_receive_frame_total counter Network device statistic receive_frame.
node_network_receive_multicast_total counter Network device statistic receive_multicast.
node_network_receive_packets_total counter Network device statistic receive_packets.
node_network_speed_bytes gauge speed_bytes value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_transmit_bytes_total counter Network device statistic transmit_bytes.
node_network_transmit_carrier_total counter Network device statistic transmit_carrier.
node_network_transmit_colls_total counter Network device statistic transmit_colls.
node_network_transmit_compressed_total counter Network device statistic transmit_compressed.
node_network_transmit_drop_total counter Network device statistic transmit_drop.
node_network_transmit_errs_total counter Network device statistic transmit_errs.
node_network_transmit_fifo_total counter Network device statistic transmit_fifo.
node_network_transmit_packets_total counter Network device statistic transmit_packets.
node_network_transmit_queue_length gauge transmit_queue_length value of /sys/class/net/.
node_network_up gauge Value is 1 if operstate is 'up', 0 otherwise.
node_nf_conntrack_entries gauge Number of currently allocated flow entries for connection tracking.
node_nf_conntrack_entries_limit gauge Maximum size of connection tracking table.
node_os_info gauge A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by build_id, id, id_like, image_id, image_version, name, pretty_name, variant, variant_id, version, version_codename, version_id.
node_os_version gauge Metric containing the major.minor part of the OS version.
node_power_supply_info gauge info of /sys/class/power_supply/<power_supply>.
node_power_supply_online gauge online value of /sys/class/power_supply/<power_supply>.
node_procs_blocked gauge Number of processes blocked waiting for I/O to complete.
node_procs_running gauge Number of processes in runnable state.
node_schedstat_running_seconds_total counter Number of seconds CPU spent running a process.
node_schedstat_timeslices_total counter Number of timeslices executed by CPU.
node_schedstat_waiting_seconds_total counter Number of seconds spent by processing waiting for this CPU.
node_scrape_collector_duration_seconds gauge node_exporter: Duration of a collector scrape.
node_scrape_collector_success gauge node_exporter: Whether a collector succeeded.
node_sockstat_FRAG6_inuse gauge Number of FRAG6 sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_FRAG6_memory gauge Number of FRAG6 sockets in state memory.
node_sockstat_FRAG_inuse gauge Number of FRAG sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_FRAG_memory gauge Number of FRAG sockets in state memory.
node_sockstat_RAW6_inuse gauge Number of RAW6 sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_RAW_inuse gauge Number of RAW sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_TCP6_inuse gauge Number of TCP6 sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_TCP_alloc gauge Number of TCP sockets in state alloc.
node_sockstat_TCP_inuse gauge Number of TCP sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_TCP_mem gauge Number of TCP sockets in state mem.
node_sockstat_TCP_mem_bytes gauge Number of TCP sockets in state mem_bytes.
node_sockstat_TCP_orphan gauge Number of TCP sockets in state orphan.
node_sockstat_TCP_tw gauge Number of TCP sockets in state tw.
node_sockstat_UDP6_inuse gauge Number of UDP6 sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_UDPLITE6_inuse gauge Number of UDPLITE6 sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_UDPLITE_inuse gauge Number of UDPLITE sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_UDP_inuse gauge Number of UDP sockets in state inuse.
node_sockstat_UDP_mem gauge Number of UDP sockets in state mem.
node_sockstat_UDP_mem_bytes gauge Number of UDP sockets in state mem_bytes.
node_sockstat_sockets_used gauge Number of IPv4 sockets in use.
node_softnet_dropped_total counter Number of dropped packets.
node_softnet_processed_total counter Number of processed packets
node_softnet_times_squeezed_total counter Number of times processing packets ran out of quota.
node_textfile_scrape_error gauge 1 if there was an error opening or reading a file, 0 otherwise.
node_time_clocksource_available_info gauge Available clocksources read from /sys/devices/system/clocksource.
node_time_clocksource_current_info gauge Current clocksource read from /sys/devices/system/clocksource.
node_time_seconds gauge System time in seconds since epoch (1970).
node_time_zone_offset_seconds gauge System time zone offset in seconds.
node_timex_estimated_error_seconds gauge Estimated error in seconds.
node_timex_frequency_adjustment_ratio gauge Local clock frequency adjustment.
node_timex_loop_time_constant gauge Phase-locked loop time constant.
node_timex_maxerror_seconds gauge Maximum error in seconds.
node_timex_offset_seconds gauge Time offset in between local system and reference clock.
node_timex_pps_calibration_total counter Pulse per second count of calibration intervals.
node_timex_pps_error_total counter Pulse per second count of calibration errors.
node_timex_pps_frequency_hertz gauge Pulse per second frequency.
node_timex_pps_jitter_seconds gauge Pulse per second jitter.
node_timex_pps_jitter_total counter Pulse per second count of jitter limit exceeded events.
node_timex_pps_shift_seconds gauge Pulse per second interval duration.
node_timex_pps_stability_exceeded_total counter Pulse per second count of stability limit exceeded events.
node_timex_pps_stability_hertz gauge Pulse per second stability, average of recent frequency changes.
node_timex_status gauge Value of the status array bits.
node_timex_sync_status gauge Is clock synchronized to a reliable server (1 = yes, 0 = no).
node_timex_tai_offset_seconds gauge International Atomic Time (TAI) offset.
node_timex_tick_seconds gauge Seconds between clock ticks.
node_udp_queues gauge Number of allocated memory in the kernel for UDP datagrams in bytes.
node_uname_info gauge Labeled system information as provided by the uname system call.
node_vmstat_oom_kill counter /proc/vmstat information field oom_kill.
node_vmstat_pgfault counter /proc/vmstat information field pgfault.
node_vmstat_pgmajfault counter /proc/vmstat information field pgmajfault.
node_vmstat_pgpgin counter /proc/vmstat information field pgpgin.
node_vmstat_pgpgout counter /proc/vmstat information field pgpgout.
node_vmstat_pswpin counter /proc/vmstat information field pswpin.
node_vmstat_pswpout counter /proc/vmstat information field pswpout.