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Create User Profile for Communicating with ZTP Server

You can use any configured Apstra server GUI user that has API write access (such as admin), but we recommend that you create a designated user that’s assigned only the predefined device_ztp role. The device_ztp role allows users with that role to make API calls to the controller to request device system agent installation.

  1. From the left navigation menu, navigate to Platform > User Management > Users and click Create User.
  2. Enter a username (such as ztp) for the user who will be communicating with the ZTP server.
  3. Enter a password that meets password complexity requirements, then re-enter the password. (You can change requirements from Platform > Security > Password Complexity Parameters.)
  4. Select the global role device_ztp.
  5. Click Create to create the user profile and return to the table view.
When you work with Apstra ZTP from the GUI, log in as this user.