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Edit Password Complexity Requirements

When you update password complexity requirements, the requirements are applied when you subsequently create or edit passwords. Existing passwords are not affected until you change them.

  1. From the left navigation menu, navigate to Platform > Security > Password Complexity Parameters and click the Edit button (top-right).
  2. Add, change and/or delete requirements, as applicable. Different Apstra versions have different options as shown in the list and screenshots below:
    • Password History Length - User is not allowed to re-use a certain number of previous passwords (including the current one). For example, if you don't want the user to use their previous two passwords, you would enter 3 in this field.

    • Must not use adjacent keys on keyboard

    • Must not contain consecutive sequential characters

    • Must not contain repeat of the same character

    • Must not be the same as username

    • Length should be at least 9 (default)

    • Must contain uppercase letter

    • Must contain lowercase letter

    • Must contain digit

    • Must contain special character

    For regular expressions:

    • To add a rule, click Add and enter a regular expression and error message.
    • To change a rule, change values as appropriate and update the error message.
    • To delete a rule, click the red X to the right of the rule to delete.
  3. Click Update to complete the change and close the dialog. When you create or update passwords, the new requirements will take effect.