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Add Device to Managed Devices

Before working with devices, it's important to have a good understanding of the device configuration lifecycle.


Each device is expected to have a unique management IP address. If you're replacing a device (decommissioning for an RMA for example) and you want to use the same management IP address on the replacement device, you must remove (decommission) the device from Managed Devices before adding the new device.

  1. If you're using Juniper offbox agents, increase the application memory usage.
  2. Create and install your onbox device agent(s) or offbox device agent(s) for the devices to be managed in the Apstra environment. If you have many of the same devices using the same configuration you might consider creating agent profiles (Device > Agent Profiles), which can streamline the task of creating many agents.
  3. If you're deploying modular devices, you may need to change the default device profile that's assigned to your device.
  4. Navigate to Devices > Managed Devices to see that the device state is Out of Service Quarantine. Configuration at this point is called Pristine Config.
  5. In the left column of the table, select the check box(es) for the device(es) to manage in the Apstra environment.
  6. Above where you just clicked, click the Acknowledge selected systems button (check mark) in the Device action bar.
  7. Click Confirm to acknowledge the device(s) and return to the table view. The device state changes to Out of Service Ready. Configuration at this point is called Discovery 1 Config and you can now manage the device(s) from the Apstra environment.

Next Steps:

If you'll be using a Datacenter blueprint, before creating the blueprint make sure you have all your design elements ready, starting with logical devices.

If you'll be using a Freeform blueprint, you can create the blueprint immediately.

You'll assign your devices to a blueprint during the build phase. For details, see Assign Device (Datacenter) or Update System ID Assignment (Freeform), as applicable.