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Change Link Speed per Superspine (5-Stage)

As a Day 2 operation, you can change the link speed between spines and superspines on 5-stage blueprints (as of Apstra version 4.1.0).

Make sure link speed is supported on the links / ports (speeds must be part of the port transformations).
  1. From the blueprint, navigate to Staged > Physical > Pods.
  2. Click the Update spine config button. The location of the button is different for different Apstra versions.
    • On Apstra version 4.1.2, click the Update spine config button on the bottom-right of the card for the pod to change

    • On Apstra versions 4.1.1 and 4.1.0, check the box on the top-left of the card for the pod to change. Then click the Update spine config button that appears above the card(s).

  3. In the Link per superspine speed drop-down list, select the new link speed.
  4. Click Update to stage your changes and return to the Pods view.

When you're ready to activate changes, commit them from the Uncommitted tab.