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Show Tech: Off-box Agents (CLI)

Show tech files for installed off-box agents (for all supported devices and all Apstra versions) must be obtained from the CLI. You cannot collect them from the GUI. You'll need the device management IP address(es) and a valid device SSH username and password.

If your off-box agents are for infra, you'll collect show tech with a different method. Refer to Show-Tech: Infra Off-box Agents (CLI) for details.

  1. SSH into the Apstra server that the off-box agent is running on. (ssh admin@<apstra-server-ip> where <apstra-server-ip> is the IP address of the Apstra server.)
  2. Run the aos_offbox_show_tech_collector command with the IP address(es) of the device(s) and a valid admin username and password. The show tech file is copied to your user directory. For example:
  3. Copy the file from the Apstra server to a local computer with the ability to upload. The file is owned by root. You may need to change permissions to copy the file. For example:
  4. Upload the show tech file to your customer case.