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Show Tech: Infra Off-box Agents (CLI)

The instructions below are for collecting show tech files for infra off-box agents. If your off-box agents are not for infra, refer to Show Tech: Apstra Off-box Agents (CLI).
  1. SSH into the Apstra server that the off-box agent is running on. (ssh admin@<apstra-server-ip> where <apstra-server-ip> is the IP address of the Apstra server.)
  2. Run docker ps to get the name of the container (in the NAMES column).
  3. Run the docker exec -ti <offbox_container_name> aos_show_tech command where <offbox_container_name> is the name you retrieved when you ran docker ps. For example:
  4. Using SCP, run the docker cp command to copy the show tech file from the off-box agent Docker container to the /tmp directory of the Apstra server. For example:
  5. Locate the file archive in the /tmp directory and copy it to a local computer with the ability to upload. Then upload the show tech file to your customer case.