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New and Changed Features

Learn about new features or enhancements to existing features in Address Pool Manager 3.1.0 (APM 3.1.0). For more information about a feature, click the link in the description. See the Address Pool Manager Installation Guide and Address Pool Manager User Guide for more details about new and changed features.

New Features

We've introduced the following features in APM 3.1.0:

  • APM version 1—We introduced APMi protocol version 1.

    [See How APM Works]

  • Enhanced logging—Enable persistent logging and log exports to a syslog server during the setup. Fluentd collects logs from the configuration manager, address manager, entity manager, and provisioning manager. Fluentd then archives them to persistent files and optionally exports them to remote syslog servers.

    You can display file-based logs collected and stored since the time you start APM by using the apm svc-logs utility script. You can enable file-based logging when you set up APM.

    [See APM Installation Package and Display APM SVC Logging]

  • Entity-match configuration—Configure the entity-match list to map valid broadband network gateways (BNGs) running Junos OS Release 22.1 or later to a pool-domain-profile. The entity-match command defines which system IDs are allowed to connect.

    [See entity-match command]

  • Forced prefix release—Trigger APM to
    • Clean up any pool domains established by an entity.

    • Release an entity's domains and their associated pool prefixes back to each domain's source partition.

    [See request apm release entity command].

Changed Features

Table 1 and Table 2 describe the differences in APM in Release 3.0.0 and 3.1.0.

Table 1: APM Compatibility with Junos OS Releases
APM Release Junos OS Release
APM 3.0.0 Compatible with Junos OS Release 21.4 releases.

APM 3.0.0 supports APMi version 0.

APM 3.1.0 Compatible with Junos OS Release 21.4 releases and later.

APM 3.1.0 supports APMi version 0 and APMi version 1.

You can check the APMi version by running the show apm entity command.

Table 2 explains the differences in the the features.

Table 2: APMi Version 0 and APMi Version 1 for Release 3.1.0
Feature Differences
Thresholds and alarms

The Apportion threshold and Reclaim threshold features differ for APMi version 0 and APMi version 1.

Abatement alarms do not apply to APMi version 1.


We introduced APMi version 1 in APM 3.1.0

See Thresholds and Alarms for more details on the differences.

General operation of APM

The initial connection behavior for APMi Version 0 differs from that for APMi Version 1.

See General Operation for more details on the differences.

Functional components of APM

The Provisioning Manager in APMi version 0 behaves differently from the Provisioning Manager in APMi version 1.

See Provisioning Manager for more details on the differences.