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Prerequisites and Preparations

ConfD Installation

ConfD (a product from Tail-f) is used as an intermediary between the Paragon Active Assurance system and NETCONF. ConfD connects Paragon Active Assurance configuration and operational data to the NETCONF & YANG API.

ConfD should have been installed along with the Control Center software, as described in the Paragon Active Assurance Installation Guide.

Verifying That ConfD Is Running

To verify that the ConfD is up and running, run the command

to check that ConfD responds on port 830. In the command, <username> is as defined by the command in the Installation Guide, section Installing ConfD. Give the password defined by the same command.

In the output, verify that the Control Center module is included. The output should contain a line like the following:

Synchronizing the Configuration Database with Control Center

Finally, we need to update the configuration database through NETCONF. We will do so here by means of a Python library called ncclient (NETCONF Client). However, the task could also be accomplished in a different programming language as long as it uses the NETCONF/YANG protocol.

The role of ncclient is to act as a client towards the ConfD server that hosts the NETCONF/YANG API.

It is worth pointing out that ncclient is not related in any way to Control Center (previously "Netrounds Control Center"), although the name happens to begin with "ncc".

Here is how to install ncclient:

We can now perform the synchronization as follows. Note carefully that this needs to be done on a separate computer, and not on the Control Center server itself:


This procedure is also required whenever Test Agents have been installed and registered independently of NETCONF. See the note in the section Overview of Test Agent Orchestration for more information.

Setting Up Multiple NETCONF-controlled Paragon Active Assurance Accounts

The steps below are required only if you wish to set up further Paragon Active Assurance accounts to be controlled by NETCONF, in addition to the account configured in this way in the Installation Guide, section "Installing ConfD".

For each such account, proceed as follows:

  • In Control Center, log in to the account and navigate to Account > Permissions.

  • Add the user "", and grant this ConfD user admin permission in the GUI by clicking the Invite button.

You should now be able to control multiple Paragon Active Assurance accounts with the same ConfD user.


Once you start controlling a Paragon Active Assurance account via ConfD, you must NOT make changes to this account through the web GUI with respect to any Paragon Active Assurance features that are "config" (see the chapter Supported Features in Paragon Active Assurance). If you do, loss of sync will result.