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Step 2: Up and Running

To onboard a device to Paragon Automation, you must commit the outbound SSH command to connect with Paragon Automation, on the device. This method of onboarding a device by committing the outbound SSH commands is also referred to as "Adopting a Device".

You can onboard a device to Paragon Automation by using any of the following methods:

Onboard a Device by Using ZTP


  • A network implementation plan should be configured for the device.

  • The device should be zeroized or in its factory-default settings.

  • A TFTP server reachable from the device.

  • A DHCP server reachable from the device, with the ability to respond to the device with the TFTP server and configuration file (Python or SLAX script) name.

To onboard a device by using ZTP:

  1. Create an onboarding script with the required configuration by:
  2. Upload the onboarding script to the TFTP server.
  3. Configure the DHCP server with the onboarding script filename and path in the TFTP server.
  4. Install the device, connect it to the network, and power on the device.

    For information about installing the device, see the respective Hardware guide at

    After the device is powered on:
    1. The factory default settings in the device triggers a built-in script ( which obtains the IP addresses for the management interface, default gateway, DNS server, TFTP server and the path of the onboarding script (Python or SLAX) on the TFTP server, from the DHCP server.

    2. The device configures its management IP address, static default route, and the DNS server address, based on the values obtained from the DHCP network.

    3. The device downloads the onboarding script, based on the values from the DHCP network, and executes it, resulting in the onboarding configuration statements being committed.

    4. The device opens an outbound SSH session with Paragon Automation based on the committed onboarding configuration.

  5. After the device connects with Paragon Automation, Paragon Automation configures management and telemetry parameters including gNMI by using NETCONF. Paragon Automation also uses NETCONF to configure the interfaces and protocols based on the network implementation plan associated with the device.
  6. Log in to the Paragon Automation GUI and view the status of device onboarding on the Inventory (Inventory > Devices > Network Inventory) page. After the device status changes to Connected, you can start managing the device. See Device Management Workflow for details.

Sample Onboarding Script for Committing SSH Configuration on a Device

The following is a sample of the onboarding script that is downloaded from the TFTP server to the device:

Onboard a Device without ZTP

Paragon Automation provides the outbound SSH configuration that you can commit on the device to enable the device to connect with Paragon Automation.

To onboard a device without using ZTP:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Network Inventory on the Paragon Automation GUI.
  2. On the Routers tab, click Adopt Router.
  3. On the Router Adoption page, click Select Site to select the site where the device is installed.
    The outbound SSH configuration that is required for the device to establish a connection with Paragon Automation is displayed.
  4. Click the Copy to Clipboard link to copy the CLI commands under the Apply the following CLI commands to adopt a Juniper Device if it meets the requirements section to clipboard.
  5. Access the device by using SSH and log in to the device in configuration mode.
  6. Paste the contents of the clipboard and commit the configuration on the device.
    The device connects to Paragon Automation and can be managed from Paragon Automation.
    After you adopt a device, you can verify connectivity status by running the following command on the device:

    user@host> show system connections |match 2200

    tcp 0 0 ip-address:38284 ip-address:2200 ESTABLISHED 6692/sshd: jcloud-stcp 0 0 <varname>ip-address</varname>:38284 <varname>ip-address</varname>:2200 ESTABLISHED 6692/sshd:

    Established in the output indicates that the device is connected with Paragon Automation.

After the device is onboarded, the status of the device on the Inventory page (Inventory > Devices > Network Inventory) shows as Connected, You can now start managing the device. See Device Management Workflow.

Also, you can move the device to In Service after onboarding so that services can be provisioned on them. See Approve a Device for Service.