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Step 1: Begin

Juniper Mist Routing Assurance enables you to onboard routers and monitor their health and performance. Juniper Mist Routing Assurance collects routing insights and platform information from the routers and displays them on a dashboard. To see the list of routers that Juniper Mist Routing Assurance supports, see Supported Hardware Platforms.

Install the Router

Follow the instructions in the hardware documentation to unbox the device, mount it on a rack, and power on the device. For details about installing a device, see the device's Hardware Guide (on the Routing > View More section of the Documentation site) or the Quick Start Guide.


Before you can onboard a router to Juniper Mist Routing Assurance, you'll need to ensure that you have:

  • Login credentials to access Juniper Mist Routing Assurance (

  • Super User role in the organization.

  • Created the site to which the router needs to be onboarded.

  • Configured firewall to allow outbound access on TCP port 2200 from the management port of the router.

  • Enabled Internet access from the router. You can verify this by pinging the IP address

For more information, see Juniper Mist Routing Assurance Quick Start Guide.