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Step 2: Up and Running

Install the SRX Series Firewall in a Rack

The rack installation and power-on procedures vary slightly for each SRX Series firewall. For instructions specific to your SRX Series firewall, see the applicable hardware guide on the Juniper Mist Supported Hardware page.

Connect to the Network and Power On the SRX Series Firewall


Certain tasks in this procedure require you to configure or connect to services within your local network. Please be aware that we don't provide instructions on how to configure or locate these services.

  1. Connect the 0/0 port (ge-0/0/0 interface) to the WAN network. The interface receives an IP address from the DHCP service provided by the ISP.
  2. Open ports TCP 443 and TCP 2200 on your Internet firewall to allow outbound communication between the SRX and the Mist cloud. You also need to open port TCP 6514 to allow the SRX to send traffic logs to the Mist cloud.
  3. Connect an Ethernet cable to any traffic (revenue) port on the SRX firewall and to your local network.
  4. Connect power to the firewall.
  5. Wait for a few minutes for the firewall to boot completely.

The SRX firewall should now appear as green/connected in the Mist portal. Congratulations! You've successfully onboarded your cloud-ready SRX Series firewall.