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Install the Front Door on a PTX10008 Router

The front door is required on the PTX10008 to protect fiber-optic cabling and to provide additional protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The front door can be installed with or without the optional cable management system.

The front door is available in two models:

  • JNP10008-FRNT-PNL, without an air filter

  • JNP10008-FRPNL1, with an air filter

Both models are covered in the following procedures.

Be sure you have the following tools and parts before you begin:

  • A Phillips (+) screwdriver, number 2

  • Front door (provided with the router chassis)

  • Right base bracket (provided)

  • Left base bracket (provided)

  • Two interchangeable latch brackets (provided)

  • Eight Phillips flat-head mounting screws (provided)

To install the front door:

  1. Wrap and fasten one end of the ESD grounding strap around your bare wrist and connect the other end of the strap to the ESD point on the front of the chassis. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: ESD Point for PTX10008 Chassis FrontESD Point for PTX10008 Chassis Front
    ESD point
  2. Remove the plastic bag that is taped to the front door. This bag holds the brackets and screws.
  3. Attach the right and left base brackets to the bottom front of the chassis. Use the Phillips screwdriver to attach the base brackets to the lower front of the chassis using four of the supplied flat-head screws.

    The base brackets are larger than the latch brackets. The right and left base bracket cannot be interchanged (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2: Front Door Mounting HardwareFront Door Mounting Hardware
    Latch brackets
    Left base bracket
    Right base bracket
  4. Attach the two latch brackets to the chassis. Screw holes are located for each latch bracket between the top line card slot and the Routing and Control Boards (RCBs). Use the Phillips screwdriver to attach two supplied screws for each bracket. See Figure 3.
    Figure 3: Attach Base and Latch Brackets on a PTX10008Attach Base and Latch Brackets on a PTX10008
  5. Lift the front door and rest it on the two base brackets.
  6. Slide the door back on the bracket glides until it engages on the two ramps.
  7. Tilt the door toward the chassis until it is vertical with the chassis. The blue release buttons on the side of the door allow the door to latch into place (see Figure 4).
    Figure 4: Install the Front Door on a PTX10008Install the Front Door on a PTX10008
    Release button