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MX960 Cable Manager Description

The standard cable manager (see Figure 1) is a tray located below the line-card cage, which has a row of fourteen dividers for securing the cables for each Dense Port Concentrator (DPC), Modular Port Concentrator (MPC), Modular Interface Card (MIC), or PIC.

You can use cable strips or other ties to gently secure the cables in the standard cable manager. To secure the cables in place, loop the tie through the cable anchor and secure the tie. You can pull the standard cable manager up and outward to lock it into the maintenance position. This allows you to access the lower fan tray and the air filter.

Figure 1: Standard Cable Manager Standard Cable Manager

The extended cable manager allows you to route cables away from the front of the DPCs, MPCs, MICs, and PICs, and provides additional access (see Figure 3 and Figure 2).

Figure 2: Extended Cable ManagerExtended Cable Manager
Figure 3: Extended Cable Manager CoverExtended Cable Manager Cover