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MX480 Air Deflector Kits

Optional air deflector kits are available that let you install the MX480 routers in a hot aisle/cold aisle ventilation environment. These kits convert the MX480 router from side-to-side ventilation into front-to-back ventilation. The air deflectors contain no additional fans, so they require no additional electrical power.

The air deflector kits consist of four main components: two intake/exhaust boxes and two side plenums. The two intake/exhaust boxes are identical to each other, as are the side plenums.

The intake/exhaust boxes are installed above and below the device to direct intake air from the air space in front of the device into the side plenum mounted on the intake side of the device. The intake air plenum directs air into the device, and the exhaust air plenum collects the exhaust air on the opposite side of the device. The exhaust plenum directs the exhausted air into the intake/exhaust boxes above and below the unit, where it is expelled into the air space behind the router.

The air deflector kit requires additional space around the device, increasing its overall height and width as described in Table 1.

Table 1: MX480 Router and Air Deflector Dimensions


MX480 Router

Router height

8 U (14 in. or 35.6 cm)

Additional height required for air deflector kit

6 U (10.5 in. or 26.7 cm)

Total height of services gateway and air deflector kit

14 U (24.5 in. or 62.2 cm)

Router width

17.5 in. (44.5 cm)

Additional width required for air deflector kit

5.6 in. (14.2 cm) per side 11.2 in. (28.4 cm) total

Total width of router and air deflector kit

28.7 in. (72.9 cm)

See Figure 1 and Table 2 for the list of components that comprise the air deflector kit.

Figure 1: Components of the Air Deflector Kit Components of the Air Deflector Kit
Table 2: Air Deflector Kit Components




Two side plenums (one for right and one for left)

2 and 4

Top plenum and bottom plenum


Rear mounting brackets

Figure 2 shows the MX480 router installed in typical four-post mounting racks with the air deflector kit parts in place.

Figure 2: MX480 Router Air Deflector Kit MX480 Router Air Deflector Kit