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MX2020 Universal Edge Router Overview

The MX2020 Universal Routing Platform is an Ethernet-optimized router that provides both switching and carrier-class Ethernet routing. The MX2020 router supports service provider core, converged core and edge, and edge applications, and enables a wide range of business and residential and services, including high-speed transport and VPN services, next-generation broadband multiplay services, and high-volume Internet data center internetworking.

The MX2020 chassis provides redundancy and resiliency. All major hardware components including the power system, the cooling system, the control board and the switch fabrics are fully redundant.

The MX2020 router is 45 rack units (U) tall. One router can be installed in a four-post rack or cabinet. The MX2020 router has 20 dedicated line card slots for a maximum of 20 Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs). Up to two Modular Interface Cards (MICs) can be installed in each MPC for a total of 40 MICs when fully populated. The host subsystem consists of two Control Boards with Routing Engines (CB-REs) and eight Switch Fabric Boards (SFBs).

For a list of the supported MPCs, and MICs, see the MX Series Interface Module Reference.