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Maintaining the MX2010 Air Filters


For optimum cooling, verify the condition of the air filters.


On a regular basis:

  • Check the air filters for dust and debris. Replace the filter elements. The filter elements degrade over time, so the filter elements in use, as well as spares, must be replaced every 6 months.


    Always keep the air filter in place while the router is operating. Because the fans are very powerful, they could pull small bits of wire or other materials into the router through the unfiltered air intake. This could damage the router components.

  • The shelf life of polyurethane filter varies from two years to five years depending on the storage conditions. Store in a cool, dry, and dark environment. Wrap the media in plastic and store in an environment with relative humidity between 40%- 80% and temperature between 40°F (4° C) to 90°F (32° C). Note that if the material flakes, or becomes brittle when rubbed or deformed, it is no longer usable.