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MX2000 DC Power Supply Module (240 V China) Description

The MX2010 supports a DC power system. The 240 V China DC power system operates with nine feeds. A total of nine feeds are required to fully power the MX2010. Another nine feeds are required to provide feed redundancy (a total of 18 feeds In the DC power configuration, the router contains up to nine DC PSMs located at the rear of the chassis in slots PSM0 through PSM8, (left to right). The DC PSMs in slots PSM0 through PSM8 provide power to the all router components including MPCs in slot 0 through 9, CB-REs in slot 0 and 1, SFBs in slot 0 through 7, and fan trays 0, 1, 2, and 3.


The MX2020 systems configured for DC (240 V China) input power must use only DC (240 V China) PDMs and DC PSMs. AC and DC PSMs or PDMs must not be mixed within a single system.

Up to nine PSMs may be connected in parallel to increase available system power across MPCs as needed and provide redundancy. Figure 1) shows the DC PSM.

Figure 1: DC Power Supply Module (240 V China)DC Power Supply Module (240 V China)

The DC power system is feed redundant. Each DC PSM can be connected to two separate feeds from different sources that are used to provide feed redundancy. If two feeds are connected, PSM input power will be drawn from the feed with the higher voltage present. There are two PDMs per power subsystem capable of carrying nine feeds each. Connect feeds from one source to one PDM and feeds from the other source to the second PDM of the power subsystem. The primary input of the PSM is a dual redundant feed, INP0 and INP1. Both feeds are active during operation, but both feeds may or may not be providing current. Move the input mode DIP switch to the on or off position to determine the power supply feeds (see Table 1 and Figure 2). In addition, a PSM failure triggers the alarm LED on the craft interface. Each PDM has an LED per feed indicating whether the feed is active or not, or whether the feed is connected properly, see MX2000 Router DC (-48 V) Power Subsystem Electrical Specifications.

Table 1: DIP Switch Positions on the DC (240 V China) PSM

Left Switch Position

Right Switch Position

Input Source






Input 0 (INP0)



Input 1 (INP1)



Both Input 0 and Input 1

Figure 2: Selecting Input Feed on the DC Power Supply Module (240 V China)Selecting Input Feed on the DC Power Supply Module (240 V China)