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MX2000 Adapter Card (ADC) Description

The MX2000 routers are compatible with all Trio-based MPC line cards; However, because the MX2000 routers use a newer-generation Switch Fabric Board (SFB) with faster bandwidth, smaller form-factor MPCs must use a special Line Card Adapter (ADC). The ADC is merely a shell that accepts line cards in the front and converts power and switch fabric in the rear. ADCs install vertically in the front of the router.

The following MPCs require an ADC:

  • MPC1E

  • MPC2E

  • MPC3E

  • MPC5E

  • MPC7E


When a slot is not occupied by a combined ADC and MPC, you must insert a blank panel to fill the empty slot and ensure proper cooling of the system.

ADCs are hot-removable and hot-insertable. Figure 1 shows the ADC supported on MX2000 routers.

Figure 1: ADC for the MX2000 RoutersADC for the MX2000 Routers