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MX2000 Router High-Voltage Universal (HVAC/HVDC) Power Subsystem Electrical Specifications

Table 1 lists the high-voltage second-generation universal power subsystem electrical specifications.

Table 1: High-Voltage Universal PSM Electrical Specifications Per Input Configurations



Maximum input current rating input voltage @ 190 VDC or 180 VAC

Maximum input current 30 A (for 3000 W)

Maximum output power

3400 W (dual feed) and 3000 W (single feed) @ 57.7 A



N+N feed redundancy

DC input voltage

190 VDC to 410 VDC

DC nominal input current @ 380 VDC IN

10 A (3000 W for single feed)

Maximum output @ 52 VDC (upper and lower cage)

3400 W (dual feed) and 3000 W (single feed)

DC standby output @ 5 VDC

30 W

AC input voltage

Operating range: 180-305 VAC

Maximum AC feed PSM input power

3365 W for single input, 1910 W for each input with dual-input configuration.

AC input line frequency

47-63 Hz (+/-3Hz)

AC system current rating

19 A (single input) @ 180 VAC input voltage, 11 A for each input with dual-input configuration.



This value is maximum load.

91% at full load