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MX2000 High-Voltage Universal (HVAC/HVDC) Power Distribution Module Description

In the high-voltage second-generation universal (HVAC/HVDC) power configuration, the MX2000 router contains up to four high-voltage universal (MX2K-PDM-HV) PDMs located at the rear of the chassis in slots PDM0/Input0 through PDM3/Input1 (bottom to top). A minimum of one PDM is required per subsystem (two PDMs per MX2020 chassis) for nonredundant power. The universal (HVAC/HVDC) PDMs provide power interface to nine power supply modules (PSMs).

Four PDMs provide full redundancy for the MX2020 router. In a redundant configuration, a total of four (9-feed universal PDMs) with 36 input feeds are supported.


The power backplane for a subsystem distributes regulated 52 VDC to all boards supplied by that subsystem.

Each high-voltage universal (HVAC/HVDC) PDM has nine (HVAC/HVDC) inputs, (see Figure 1).)

Figure 1: MX2000 High-VoltageUniversal (HVAC/HVDC) PDM MX2000 High-VoltageUniversal (HVAC/HVDC) PDM