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MX2008 Cooling System

MX2008 Cooling System Description

The cooling system consists of the following components:

  • Fan tray

  • Fan tray air filter


The MX2008, MX2010, and MX2020 routers support the same fan modules (fan tray and fan tray air filter).

The host subsystem monitors the temperature of the router components. When the router is operating normally, the fans function at lower than full speed. If a fan fails or the ambient temperature rises above a threshold, the speed of the remaining fans is automatically adjusted to keep the temperature within the acceptable range (see Figure 1 and Figure 2). The fan tray filter is shown in Figure 4.

Figure 1: Airflow Through the ChassisAirflow Through the Chassis

The MX2008 router provides front-to-back cooling system. Air is pushed into the bottom inlet and up through the fan tray, and is exhausted out the upper rear of the system. The cooling system cools the MPCs, SFBs, and RCBs.

The cooling system components work together to keep all router components within the acceptable temperature range. The MX2008 router has two fan trays located at the bottom of the router that install horizontally. Each fan tray contains six fans. These are labeled 1 through 6 and each fan is 172 mm in diameter. The fan trays are interchangeable and are hot-insertable and hot-removable.

Each fan tray has a double safety latch, so the fan tray cannot be removed in one swift motion (see Figure 3). To remove the fan tray, press and hold the latch until the STATUS LED turns off. The secondary latch will engage during removal. Press the secondary latch to fully remove the fan tray.

Figure 2: Fan TrayFan Tray

Safety double latch system



Figure 3: Removing the Fan TrayRemoving the Fan Tray

Before removing a fan tray, make sure the fan blades have stopped completely.


The fan trays use a double latch safety mechanism. Press and hold the latch until the STATUS LED turns off. Continue to press and hold the latch while removing the fan trays. See Figure 2.

The fan tray air filter sits right on top of the fan trays and help in filtering the air that enters the chassis. The air filter is hot-insertable and hot-removable. See Figure 4.

Figure 4: Fan Tray Air FilterFan Tray Air Filter

MX2008 Fan Tray LED

Each fan tray (both the standard fan tray and optimized power fan tray) contains one tricolor LED located on the front faceplate (see Table 1). A set of two bicolor fan tray LEDs is located on the top middle of the craft interface. For more information, see MX2008 Component LEDs on the Craft Interface.

Table 1: Fan Tray LEDs








Fan tray is operating properly.



Fan tray is not receiving enough power to operate.

Fan temperature might indicate warm threshold.



Fan tray is nonoperational.

One or more fans are bad or not operating.

Fan temperature might indicate high threshold.