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Field-Replaceable Units in an MX10008

Field-replaceable units (FRUs) are router components that you can replace at your site. Routers use these types of FRUs:

  • Hot-insertable and hot-removable—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the router or disrupting the routing function.

  • Hot-pluggable—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the router, but the routing function is interrupted until you replace the component.

Table 1 lists the FRUs and their types for the MX10008 routers.

Table 1: FRUs in an MX10008 Router



Power supplies

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

Fan trays

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

Fan tray controllers

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

Routing and Control Board (RCB)

Redundant configuration:

  • Primary RCB is hot-pluggable.

  • Backup RCB is hot-insertable and hot-removable.

Base configuration:

  • Removal of the RCB causes the router to shut down. You can install a replacement RCB in the second slot. The system restarts to select a primary and backup. If necessary, you can switch the primary and backup using the request chassis routing-engine master switch command.

See MX10008 Components and Configurations.

Switch Fabric Boards (SFBs)

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

We recommend that you take the SFBs offline before removing them to avoid traffic loss while the router fabric is being reconfigured. You can take SFBs offline by using the request chassis sib (offline | online) slot slot-number command.

Line cards

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

We recommend that you take line cards offline before removing them. You can take line cards offline by using the request chassis fpc slot slot-number offline command.


Line cards are not part of the base configuration or redundant configuration. You must order them separately.

Optical transceivers

Hot-insertable and hot-removable.

See MX10008 Optical Transceiver and Cable Support for the Junos OS release in which the transceivers were introduced.


If you have a Juniper Care service contract, register any addition, change, or upgrade of hardware components at Failure to do so can result in significant delays if you need replacement parts. This note does not apply if you replace an existing component with the same type of component.