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Determining Transceiver Support and Specifications

You can find information about the pluggable transceivers supported on your Juniper Networks device by using the Hardware Compatibility Tool. In addition to transceiver and connector type, the optical and cable characteristics—where applicable—are documented for each transceiver. The Hardware Compatibility Tool allows you to search by product, displaying all the transceivers supported on that device, or category, displaying all the transceivers by interface speed or type. The Hardware Compatibility Tool is located at

Some transceivers support additional monitoring using the operational mode CLI command show interfaces diagnostics optics. Use the Hardware Compatibility Tool to determine if your transceiver supports monitoring. See the Junos OS documentation for your device for a description of the monitoring fields.


The Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) provides complete support for Juniper-supplied optical modules and cables. However, JTAC does not provide support for third-party optical modules and cables that are not qualified or supplied by Juniper Networks. If you face a problem running a Juniper device that uses third-party optical modules or cables, JTAC may help you diagnose host-related issues if the observed issue is not, in the opinion of JTAC, related to the use of the third-party optical modules or cables. Your JTAC engineer will likely request that you check the third-party optical module or cable and, if required, replace it with an equivalent Juniper-qualified component.

Use of third-party optical modules with high-power consumption (for example, coherent ZR or ZR+) can potentially cause thermal damage to or reduce the lifespan of the host equipment. Any damage to the host equipment due to the use of third-party optical modules or cables is the users’ responsibility. Juniper Networks will accept no liability for any damage caused due to such use.