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Troubleshooting Junos Space Ethernet Interface eth3 Connectivity



If you have connectivity issues with the Junos Space Ethernet interface eth3, you can use this procedure to troubleshoot the connectivity issues.


Before you begin, do the following:

  • Connect a management device (PC or laptop) to the appliance using the management console and power on both the appliance and the management device. Alternatively, you can connect to the appliance via telnet or SSH if the appliance is accessible via the network.

  • Log in to the appliance using the administrator username (admin) and password.

  • Ensure that you have accessed the shell. Refer to the Accessing the Shell section in the Changing Network and System Settings for a Junos Space Appliance topic for details.

To troubleshoot connectivity issues from the eth3 interface, do the following:

  1. Force traffic to use the Ethernet interface eth3 interface by executing one of the following commands from the shell:

    • ping -I eth3 destination ip address

    • ping -I eth3 interface ip address destination ip address

  2. If no packets are received, do the following:

    • Verify the gateway IP address in the devint routing table by executing the following command from the shell:

      ip route show table devint

      The gateway IP address should be the one configured for routing device management traffic. Refer to the Changing Network Settings section in the Changing Network and System Settings for a Junos Space Appliance for information about changing the default gateway for device management traffic.

    • Check the physical connectivity of Ethernet interface eth3.