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Bringing Up the CTP151 with CTPOS on Internal SSD

The CTP151 device is delivered with the CTPOS software preinstalled on the internal SSD. If the CTPOS software preinstalled on your device is corrupted, you can use a USB storage device to load the CTPOS software on the internal SSD.

To bring up the CTP151 device with CTPOS on the internal SSD using a USB storage device:

  1. Download and copy the CTPOS software USB installation image to a USB storage device.
  2. Insert the USB storage device to the CTP151 chassis, power on the CTP151 device, and monitor the console.
  3. Press the Del key to open the BIOS menu.
  4. Select the Boot tab and make the first boot device the one that includes “UEFI” and “Flash” in the name, which indicates that it is the USB install media.
  5. Save the configuration and exit the setup.

    The device goes through a boot process, and then the CTPOS USB installation menu opens.

  6. Select a destination disk (the internal SSD on the CTP151), and then verify the installation selections.
  7. Enter y to continue with the CTPOS software installation.
  8. Enter y to reboot the system.
  9. After the system reboots, go back to the BIOS menu and change the first boot device to the one that includes “UEFI OS (P5: SFSA20...”.
  10. Save the configuration and exit the BIOS menu.