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Configuring the First Boot Script for the CTP151 Device

For the first-time boot process, there is a series of login prompts that require the following settings:

  • You must provide a password for the root account. The ctp and ctp_cmd accounts have default passwords. The default password for the ctp user account is "ctp", and the default password for the ctp_cmd user account is "ctp_cmd". You can change the default passwords later.
  • Supported protocol or protocols—(0) IPv4 only, (1) IPv6 only, or (2) IPv4 and IPv6. Enter the appropriate number value.
  • Default interface—From the list of available devices, such as eth0 and eth1 (or more), enter the name of the interface that you want to set as the default.
  • Hostname of the device.
  • IP address of the interface—Enter the IP address of the selected interface, or accept the loopback address ( as the default.
  • Netmask of the IP address—Enter the netmask (such as, or accept as the default.
  • Gateway IP address—Enter the IP address of the gateway, or accept the local address ( as the default.
  • Maximum transmission unit (MTU)—Enter the MTU in bytes, or accept 1500 bytes as the default.
  • Static routes added to the default interface, if any.
  • Date and time GMT (more precisely, UTC)—Enter these separately in digits for the month, day, hour, and minutes in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or accept the internal settings.

    The device goes into startup mode.

For example: