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Step 2: Up and Running


The first thing you'll want to do is to access the CLI using SSH and set the root administrator password. This allows other users to access the vSRX VM.

Access the vSRX CLI

Log in to the vSRX instance from the command line using the private SSH key you generated in Step 1.

  • If you are using Linux or MAC OS: In your SSH tool, connect to the External IP for the management interface, and specify the path to your private key.

  • If you are using Windows: Open a terminal emulator installed on your laptop, such as PuTTY or SecureCRT and connect to the vSRX instance.

    1. Go to Session and enter the external IP address for the vSRX instance in the Host name (or IP address) field. This is the same IP address that you noted previously.

    2. Navigate to Connections>SSH>Auth.

    3. In the Private key file for authentication field, click Browse to select your private key in .ppk format stored in your local system.

    4. Click Open to connect to your vSRX instance.

Set a Password for the Root User

  1. Log in as gcp-user. There is no password.
    login as: gcp-user
  2. Enter configuration mode.
    gcp-user> edit
  3. Add a password to the root administration user account. Enter a plain text password.
    gcp-user# set system root-authentication plain-text-password
  4. (Optional) Enable J-Web access.
    gcp-user# set system services web-management http
    gcp-user# set system services web-management https

    Use the GCP firewall rules to limit the management access to the specific IP addresses on a vSRX instance to access J-Web on the public IP address.

    You must create the GCP firewall rules for the management VPC network to allow the protocols and ports necessary for managing the vSRX instance. To do that, in GCP console, navigate to VPC network > Firewall rules and start creating rules.

  5. Commit the configuration.
    gcp-user# commit

You can now log in to the vSRX instance with the CLI and continue customizing the configuration. See Configuring vSRX Using the CLI.