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Step 3: Keep Going


Congratulations! Your SRX345 is configured and ready to go. Here are some things you can do next:

If you want to


Download, activate, and manage your software licenses to unlock additional features for your SRX services gateway

See Activate Junos OS Licenses in the Juniper Licensing Guide

See all documentation available for the SRX345

Visit the SRX345 Documentation

Change configuration settings, get another device up and running, or do both

Log in to J-Web and use the wizard. Alternatively, log in to Juniper Sky Enterprise or CSO to use more advanced configuration features. To use these services, you’ll need an account authentication code. Refer to the Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) Deployment Guide and the Juniper Sky Enterprise Getting Started Guide.

Find more in-depth information about installing and configuring the SRX345

See the SRX345 Hardware Installation Guide

Set up your SRX345 with advanced security measures to protect and defend your network

Visit Day One: SRX Series Up and Running With Advanced Security Services  

Manage software upgrades for your SRX345

See Installing Software on SRX Series Devices

Stay up-to-date on new and changed features and known and resolved issues

See the Junos OS Release Notes

See, automate, and protect your network with Juniper Security

Visit the Security Design Center