Understanding the VMware Auto Deploy Feature for ESXi Servers and vGW Series Integration With It

vGW Series allows you to secure automatically ESXi hosts generated through the VMware Auto Deploy feature. This topic covers Auto Deploy and vGW Series automatic installation of vGW Security VMs for these hosts. It includes the following sections:

VMware Auto Deploy Feature

Leveraging the network (PXE) boot capabilities of x86 servers, the VMware Auto Deploy feature allows a user to rapidly provision large numbers of ESXi hosts, efficiently and easily managing their hypervisor installation and upgrades. ESXi hosts that are deployed through Auto Deploy are automatically added to a host cluster. New hosts are provisioned based on user-defined specifications. The user can define specifications for various hypervisor images and host profiles to be used for different hosts.

After an ESXi host is network-booted from a central Auto Deploy server, a software image is installed on it and a vCenter host profile is then used to configure the host. When this process completes, the ESXi host is connected to vCenter and the user can create virtual machines (VMs) on it. Apart from defining rules governing images and profiles for collective use, this process is entirely automated allowing for quick provisioning without user intervention.

vGW Series Support for Auto Deploy

vGW Series is designed to work in tandem with the VMware Auto Deploy feature. It complements the VMware Auto Deploy feature by allowing you to automatically secure ESXi hosts. It is designed to work in tandem with the VMware Auto Deploy feature. You can configure it to automatically install vGW Security VMs on these hosts based on clusters that they belong to, on all ESXi hosts created through auto-deploy, or on none of them effectively disabling the feature.

vGW Series assigns a name to an automatically installed vGW Security VM based on a prefix that you specify (SVM Name prefix) when you configure vGW Series auto deploy support and an octet derived from the host’s IP address.

vGW Series Automatic Installation of vGW Security VMs

vGW Series detects if an ESXi host has been added to the clusters that you selected when you configured vGW Series auto deploy support. For ESXi hosts in a selected cluster, it determines if a vGW Security VM is already installed on that host.

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