Adding and Editing vGW Series Machines Definitions (VMware)

This topic covers the Machines page that you use to define IP addresses and other information for new machines. These machines include both VMware ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines (VMs) that you define for your environment. You also use this page to view or edit information about machines that are already defined, including those that are discovered automatically. Machines can have IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

This topic describes a new parameter provided with vGW Series Release 5.5–Log Tags–that allows you to specify tags that are added to syslog output. You can use these tags to sort on syslog feed.

This topic includes the following sections:

Adding a Machine

Normally the IP address for a machine is “auto-discovered”, obtained through VMware Tools. For systems without VMware Tools, you can use the Settings module Applications Settings > Machines page to manually add addressing information for a machine. You can also specify additional information for a machine, such as Log Tags and Smart Tags.

To configure information for a machine, enter:

Note: If you click Advanced. . . You can change the behavior if vGW Series fails to connect to the kernel (failopen or failclosed).

You can also use the Machines page to edit information for an existing machine. See Figure 134.

Figure 134: Configuring Machines Information

Configuring Machines Information

Figure 135: Syslog Entry Including VM Name and Log Tag

Syslog Entry Including VM Name
and Log Tag

Viewing Machine Information

You can view information about machines that are already defined. You can use the View Type: box to sort the list by machine type. You can sort by ESX servers, external machines, monitored, unmonitored, and secured machines.

You can use the Filter box to search by a portion of an IP address or machine name or type.

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