Securing and Unsecuring Virtual Machines Using the vGW Security Design VM

After you install the vGW Security VM on an ESX/ESXi host to secure it, the vGW Security Design VM allows you to manually secure virtual machines (VM) on that host or remove them from the protected network. Removing a secured VM from the protected network is referred to as unsecuring the VM.

To secure a VM that does not belong to the Secured Network:

  1. In the vGW Security Design VM Settings module vGW Application Settings section, select Installation.
  2. In the Unsecured Network pane, select the VM that you want to secure. Click the check box in front of its name.
  3. Click Secure.

    As it secures the VM, the vGW Series reports on the status of each part of the process. If the VM is successfully secured, the report states that the VM was successfully secured.

  4. Click Close.

    The vGW Security Design VM displays a process symbol that dynamically indicates that the VM is being secured with a firewall and moved into the secured network. The VM is now protected, and it appears in the Secured Network pane.

After all vGW Series components in your environment are upgraded to release 5.5, if you attempt to introduce components from a previous release, the process is halted and vGW Series displays a message informing you that you must install the correct version.

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