Understanding and Configuring the vGW Series AntiVirus Settings

This topic explains the vGW AntiVirus settings and how to configure them. Before you read this topic, read vGW AntiVirus Configuration Overview .

The vGW Security Design VM makes configuration and installation of the vGW AntiVirus feature, including the vGW Endpoint, simple and convenient.

To configure the settings for vGW AntiVirus, you use the AV Settings section of the Settings Module. The AntiVirus Settings page allows you to enable AntiVirus, establish the frequency at which its signature database is updated, and download the vGW Endpoint.

Additionally, a status page displays detailed information, and an About Juniper vGW Endpoint box displays the version and build information.

Note: When an embedded 30 day license or a license created from the License Management System (LMS) as a Demo license is installed, you can use the vGW AntiVirus feature. However, you cannot update the signatures. That is, the signature updates part of the feature is disabled. In this case, the following message appears beneath the “Current Installed Signatures Version” line: "An appropriate license is required for signature updates".

To update the AntiVirus signatures, a permanent license must be installed.

A vGW Endpoint runs on each protected VM. It is responsible for communicating with the vGW Security VM, monitoring file access, enforcing the AntiVirus policy, and displaying status to the user.

When AntiVirus is disabled, the vGW Security Design VM does not download new signature files, nor will it run On-Demand scans. The vGW Security VM does not load the AntiVirus module, nor does it communicate with the vGW Endpoint.

To enable and configure vGW AntiVirus settings:

  1. Check the AntiVirus Enabled box.
  2. To enable automatic update of the vGW AntiVirus signature database, in the Auto Update section:
    1. Select Enabled.
    2. Specify the interval in minutes when you want the AntiVirus signature database to be updated automatically.

    This section reports the date and version of the currently installed AntiVirus signature database.

To configure the vGW Endpoint and the AntiVirus scan settings:

  1. Specify the time after which the vGW Security Design VM should determine that the vGW Endpoint is disconnected.
  2. Specify the number of days after which the vGW Security Design VM should consider the current AntiVirus scan outdated.

You can disable vGW AntiVirus from this pane. If you want vGW AntiVirus to remain enabled, but you do not want the AntiVirus signature database to be automatically updated, you can disable automatic updates.

To download the latest version of the vGW Endpoint, click Download. The download section identifies the version and date of the latest vGW Endpoint to allow to you better determine if you want to download it, after you initially download it.

Some administrators download the vGW Endpoint and include it in their boot scripts or software deployment packages that their organization uses. In some cases, organizations place it on a file server. For details on the vGW Endpoint, see Understanding and Installing the vGW Endpoint

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