Understanding the vGW Series Introspection Scheduling Feature

The Introspection module Scheduling page allows you to define schedules specifying when VMs are to be scanned.

To improve performance during peak periods, you can limit the number of concurrent scans by making a selection in the Max number of concurrent scans menu. We recommend running no more than two concurrent scans.

To define a scan schedule, click Add, select options for the scan, and then click Save. shows the Scheduling page with the Add Schedule dialog box displayed.

Figure 98: Introspection Module Scheduling Page

Introspection Module Scheduling Page

Table 14 defines use of the fields and options.

Table 14: Scan Definition Options


Select or Enter

Introspection Scope

All Machines or Selected Group, and then choose a group from the list.

Introspection Event Schedule

Daily, and then enter the hour and minute when you want the scan to begin.

Weekly, and then select the day of the week and enter the hour and minute when you want the scan to begin.

Monthly, and then choose day of the month and enter the hour and minute you want the scan to begin.

Max scan duration

The length of time that the scan must not exceed. You can use the max scan duration option to ensure that no scans occur outside maintenance. vGW Series completes a scan in progress, but it will not begin subsequent scans in the list. Any pending scans are listed in the Scan Status tab. They resume when the next scheduled time occurs.

If unable to scan…

Next scheduled period. The scan will continue at the next scheduled interval.

Next day. The scan is continued at the same time tomorrow.

Scan Windows registry for pre-defined keys

Select the check box to direct vGW Series to Inspect the registry in Microsoft OS VMs to identify user-defined registry keys and their values.

Disabled – Schedule is disabled and will not be triggered

Select the check box to disable the scan disk task in the presently defined schedule. The scan will not be performed.

Tip: You can use this parameter to temporarily suspend scans from occurring without your having to delete the schedule then recreate it.

To delete a schedule, select the schedule in the list and click Delete.

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