Configuring vGW Series E-Mail and Reporting Applications Settings

You use the Settings module vGW Application Settings E-Mail and Reporting section to configure the e-mail server and account information. This information is used throughout vGW Series for distributing status and log messages and reports.

During the installation of the vGW Security Design VM, you can configure the parameters required to generate automated reports.

To configure or change these parameters, use the Settings module > vGW Application Settings > E-Mail and Reporting page, and enter the new values.

The following list describes the e-mail settings and configuration parameters:

SMTP Server

Hostname or IP address where e-mail is sent. You can specify either a valid IPv4 address or IPv6 address.


Port used by the mail server (common values are 25 or 465 for encrypted).


If authentication to the mail server is required, check this option.

TLS Authenticate

If the mail server uses TLS encryption, select this option.


If authentication is required, use this user account.

E-mail From

Text that appears in the From field in e-mail messages.

E-mail To

Text that appears in the To field in e-mail messages.

Tip: You can troubleshoot mail server configuration errors by clicking Test Mail Server before saving parameter changes.

The reporting module settings configuration parameters are:

Default e-mail From

Text that will appear in the From field of e-mail messages by default.

Mail Subject

Text you want inserted in the Subject line for messages sent by the Reporting module.

Mail Content

Text you want inserted in the content section of messages. (The report itself is attached as a PDF file.)

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